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Modern Clay is a co-operative clay studio in Birmingham, run by artist members.

We produce ceramics, run public workshops and design bespoke projects with charitable organisations.

Our approach is open and responsive, and centred around three priorities:

  • Artists – we work with artists to support ceramic research and the production of new work.
  • Education – we design workshops and occasional events for the public that give insights into the work of our studio artists and ceramic practices and processes.
  • Outreach – we partner with local charitable organisations supporting vulnerable groups to develop bespoke workshops that share the benefits of working creatively with clay.

Creative expression is vital to wellbeing.

Leah Carless
Mark Essen
Joanne Masding
Suzi Osborn
Laurie Ramsell
Sarah Taylor Silverwood

A set of kiln gods, representing the different co-op members
Our kiln gods, from left to right: Leah, Mark, Jo, Suzi, Laurie, Sarah