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Crisis workshops


Through the educational programme we ran a course with the homeless charity Crisis. Targeted at improving health and wellbeing this provided an opportunity to develop creative skills. The courses operated term-time and took 12 weeks to complete and was accredited by the Open College Network. At the end of the term participants exhibited their work publicly in an exhibition at Modern Clay studio as part of Digbeth First Friday in April 2018, to provide participants with another opportunity to develop a sense of personal and artistic achievement.

Through working with those receiving help from charities we teach a process of making something out of nothing; skills developed in the clay making process can be put into practice in other areas of their lives. These workshops made a positive difference and provided an outlet for artistic creativity. These services provided at Modern Clay empower lives and help its users discover who they are as individuals.

“What an amazing experience and opportunity. I’m learning and making and creating [things] I never thought possible. I recommend people to do this course. Really helping me get better.”
– Crisis workshop participant