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Dr. Melissa Grant

May 2018

Dr. Melissa Grant is a senior lecturer in biological sciences within the School of Dentistry. She is also a practising artist, linked with many prominent galleries and organisations in Birmingham and internationally. Dr. Grant runs the ‘Open Wide’ gallery space located at the Birmingham Dental Hospital. She works with living materials and contacted Laurie at Modern Clay about printing chocolate clay teeth using the clay 3D printer to explore how teeth distort in high temperatures.

“For our project Stoma Fotia I worked with Laurie at Modern Clay, where he had set up the 3D clay printer. It was fantastic to have access to the space, equipment and expertise. Using the space allowed us to develop a project that couldn’t be done anywhere else at the time. The project developed rapidly through development to production such that it was on display at Open Wide Gallery only a few weeks after creation so having access to the everything locally really helped.”
– Dr. Melissa Grant